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Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signage is our specialty

They feature fantastic designs, captivating stories, stunning artwork, beautiful photography, memorable people and attention to detail. Be it an historic project, tourist destination, walking trail, environmental area or aboriginal heritage site, we can help.

Heritage Interpretation

Often referred to as ‘Heritage’ interpretation, our aim is to communicate information to visitors about a site…to give them an explanation of the nature, origin and purpose of the area they are visiting. Interpretive signage will often cover many story areas but will have an over-riding theme.

The three main areas for interpretation are:

  • CULTURAL – stories about indigenous peoples (in Australia this refers to ABORIGINAL themes)
  • HISTORICAL – stories about people and HERITAGE
  • NATURAL – stories about plants and animals (NATURE) and about  places (TOURISM)

There is also WAYFINDING which often contains additional interpretive information.

Personal media

Heritage interpretation has its origins in the US Park Service and as such has a strong orientation to guided walks, talks and tours (known as personal media). These interpreters include rangers, guides, naturalists, actors, educators etc. As visitor numbers vary enormously seasonally and from site to site other forms of interpretation have been pursued in the non-personal area.

Non-personal media

This is where we specialise and our services include signage, displays, labels, artwork, brochures, interactives, audio-guides and audio-visual media.

Because, as the term indicates, this is a non-personal communication our goal is to enrich the visitor experience by telling thematic stories that connect with their own lives. These thematic stories have a universal theme – storylines that connect to visitors’ own personal lives.