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The Interpretive Design Company specialises in Graphic Design & Interpretation Services including research, content writing, interpretation planning, Aboriginal and European cultural heritage projects & wayfinding.

Interpretive Signage

Our signage features imaginative designs, engaging stories, stunning artwork, exquisite photography, memorable people, unique places and attention to detail. Be it an historic project, tourist destination, walking trail, environmental area or Aboriginal heritage site, we can help. Read more

Interpretive Writing

Improve and enrich the visitor experience through compelling stories that connect with the visitor’s personal experiences. Help visitors understand the significance of your ‘place’, its environmental wonder, historical importance or cultural significance. Provoke them to engage, learn and ultimately ‘understand’ your site through their experience.

We can help you create stories that are engaging, relevant and targeted to your audience. Read more

Interpretation Plans

Develop a structured approach to interpreting the resources and stories for your project through an interpretation plan.

We can engage with stakeholders, develop themes, research content, provide style guides and templates, determine the appropriate media, ensure your program is the best value for money and provide a coherent interpretation plan that guides your project to completion. Read more

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Projects

We have extensive experience in graphic design and interpretation for Aboriginal heritage projects including partnering with Traditional Custodians to develop content and design interpretive displays.  We are experienced at liaising with indigenous groups including land councils, boards of management and individuals. Indigenous projects have included designing interpretive signage, exibition spaces, walking trails, art/sculpture trails, cultural maps, posters, print and digital media.

Often we are supplied with beautiful artwork that we can adapt to the project at hand. Line work can be coloured and elements of images featured to tell the cultural story. Read more

Maps & Wayfinding Signage

Enhance the visitor experience at your site. Our beautiful maps and wayfinding material make navigation simple.

A range of wayfinding signage is often required to ensure visitors can orientate themselves and make decisions about which route to take and how much time they need. This may include:

  • Site Entry Signs – used to identify the site/park and to create a sense of welcome
  • Information Bay / Shelter Signs – used to introduce visitors to areas by displaying comprehensive maps, information text, walking track information, regulations and statutory information
  • Directional Signs – these provide visitors with cues to guide them and keep them on the move. They include track head signs, minor directional signs, directional totems and map totems. Read more

Graphic Design

The Interpretive Design Company offers a full range of graphic design services. Read more

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