WW1 Interpretive Signage, Remount Park

Remount Park WW1 Interpretive Signage suite

  • Liverpool City Council
  • research, story writing, image sourcing, signage design and project managing fabrication
  • 2019
  • Welcome Signs 480mm wide x 980mm high are at either end of the park.
  • Along the memorial avenue the four campaigns of the Light Horse are interpreted into 4 signs 650mm wide x 450mm high.
  • In the Parade Ground the sculpture “Last Farewell” captures the bond between the lighthorseman and his mount. A supporting interpretive sign 400mm wide x 300mm high is placed to the side.

The horses

The Remount Depot was originally established to provide horses for the permanent and militia batteries of artillery. Remount Depot also provided horses for Engineers, Service Corps, Medical Corps and the Machine Gun sections of the Infantry. With the expansion of the Light Horse at the start of WW1, the provision of horses for the Light Horse became a priority.

A total of 135 926 horses were sent from Australia to Egypt, India, Britain and France. The Remount Depot at Holsworthy was responsible for providing mounts for the men who came from other parts of NSW and Queensland to enrol, train and embark for overseas.

Interpretation Plan, Alice Springs Telegraph Station
Interpretation activation plan