Wayfinding Signage, Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

A suite of wayfinding signage was developed for the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk. Stretching 60 kilometres along the Coffs Coast the walk extends from Red Rock in the north to Sawtell in the south. We were contracted to design the interpretive and directional signage for the walk. The directional signage was developed according to the NPWS style manual and adapted in consultation with NPWS Interpretation Senior Project Officer. The wayfinding component of the project included a hierarchy of signs designed to inspire locals and visitors to take the walk.

Solitary Islands Coastal Walk Wayfinding Signage

5 large directional signs are installed along the headlands and beaches. Aerial photography base files were generated from ArcMap. The walk and other features were also created in ArcMap as separate layers. They were then combined in Adobe Illustrator and edited to achieve this final result. They provide an overview of the walk, precinct maps and insights into the area.

34 minor directional signs are installed at decision points along the 60 km stretch. These double sided signs use the reverse side to tell a stories and provide visitors with information about the area including historical, cultural heritage (Aboriginal and European) and environmental heritage (flora, fauna and geographical). The interpretive information component of these minor directional signs was developed and provided by NPWS Interpretation Senior Project Officer.

The map on the Red Rock (1955mm wide x 1185mm high) panel includes the Yuraygir Coastal Walk which adjoins the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk. The combined length is approximately 120 kilometres stretching from Angourie in the North to Sawtell in the south. These panels are 2270 mm wide x 1060 mm high.

All maps are orientated to the direction walkers will be facing when viewing them. Generally the ocean is at the top as they are on headlands and beaches but occasionally the track takes a different route and the orientation of the viewer to the ocean changes as in the Look At Me Now headland map.

Folding Brochure Z-Card

For locals and visitors a pocket sized folding brochure and map (Z-Card) was created.


  • Date: July 2012 – November 2012
  • Service: Interpretive design, wayfinding, mapping, logo development, consultation
  • Specs: over 50 signs total
    – 7 x large panels with a map of the whole route installed at major trackheads
    – 17 minor directional signs (double-sided so 34 in total) with interpretive panels located in visitor nodes, key access points and in areas of more complex navigation. The interpretive
    – Z-Card pocket sized folding brochure and map
  • Client: NPWS & Coffs Harbour City Council

Related Solitary Islands Coastal Walk projects:
– 11 trackside signs that provide interpretation only
– 113 route markers or ‘reassurance totems’ located at key decision points along the walk (provided by NPWS Interpretation Senior Project Officer)
– 14 interpretive panels for shelters at Look at Me Now Headland and Red Rock
– Memorial signs for shipwreck and lighthouse keeper

Interpretive Signs, Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

Map and Wayfinding Signs, Royal National Park

Tourist signage, Brooms Head
Aboriginal Exhibition Artwork, Spirit of the Land