Walking track interpretive signage – Nitmiluk

One of many stages in the Nitmiluk project was the design of walking track interpretive signage into a series of interpretation hubs. These hubs reflect changes in the landscape as you ascend from the river to the escarpment above. With a rusted steel frame, complimented by Jawoyn artwork cutouts and interpretive panel they cover the flora, fauna and geology of this extraordinary landscape.

Walking track interpretive signage

  • Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory
  • Design, research and story writing
  • 2020-2022
  • Panel sizes are: 420mm wide x 1000mm high, 600mm wide x 1000mm high and the sign sizes are: 260mm, 420mm and 600mm wide x 2m high

Walking track artwork

Jawoyn artworks inspired the designs for walking track interpretive signage along the Baruwei Loop at Katherine Gorge, Nimiluk National Park. Maintaining the cultural identity of the Jawoyn People, through the use of artworks, was foremost in our interpretation. Indeed the success of Aboriginal art around the world has been its freedom from realistic norms – animals upside down, feet at unusual angles, creative, contemporary and collectable. This is what visitors want to see and over 270,000 of them visited Nitmiluk National Park annually pre-covid.

Visitor centre wayfinding

Visitor Centre orientation was one of our first tasks and once again they incorporate the Jawoyn Cultural branding.

Dreamtime signs, Nitmiluk NP
Jawoyn Welcome to Country