Trackside signs, Bald Rock National Park

Trackside signs, graphic design

  • nine x 700mm wide x 400mm high trackside signs
  • Word count – 100-250 words per sign
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

The project

Our stunning trackside signs adorn the picturesque walks of Bald Rock National Park. Walkers cross granite gardens that lead to awe-inspiring lookouts with amazing views of the countryside. They provide visitors with glimpses into the 220 million years of creation and the delicate balance of life that now lives there.

The park is named after its most prominent feature, Bald Rock, which is a large granite outcrop rising 260 metres above the surrounding landscape and almost 1300 metres above sea level. Measuring about 750 metres long and 500 metres wide this is the largest granite monolith in Australia.

Blue Mountains interpretation plan
Directional signs