Sculpture trail, Gumgali Track, Korora Lookout

Sculptural elements in the making

This beautiful sculpture trail forms part of the visitor experience along the Gumgali Track. Large sculptural elements, created by local sculptor John van der Kolk, are dotted along the walk reassuring visitors they are on the right path. They have been crafted from locally grown Brushbox, Tallowwood and Ironbark timbers supplied by Coffs Harbour Hardwoods. Forestry NSW developed the track in collaboration with Gumbaynggirr Elders, local artists and The Interpretive Design Company.

Diorama on the sculpture trail

The first sculpture uses timber and metal to tell the story of Gumgali, showing the whole coastline, Gumgali the goanna and the hunters. Weighing in at half a tonne, the three-metre tall sculpture was crafted from local Brushbox timber.

Postcard sculpture

The second two-metres tall postcards sculpture has three small windows to create perfectly framed vistas of the coastline at different eye levels. The Ironbark piece is a unique way for the Instagram generation to instantly frame and share their Gumgali experience with the world.


Positioned halfway along the 400m walking track, is a seat crafted from local Tallowwood, providing a picturesque rest stop on the way to the lookout.

Interpretive signage, audio and murals

The interpretive visitor experience also includes murals, signage and a sound post.

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Interpretive murals, Gumgali Track, Korora Lookout