Nitmiluk Exhibition Design

The Alice Mitchell Gallery celebrates the richness and complexity of Jawoyn culture through sculpture, illustration and craft. The entire exhibition is themed on the Jawoyn five seasons calendar. The Interpretive Design Company worked with sculptor, John Van Der Kolk, and the team at The Exhibitionist to create 5 x 2.4m high gorge pillars featuring iconic Jawoyn art brought to life as huge 3D sculptures. The animals on the pillars were painted by Jawoyn artists and the exhibition forms a memorable and respectful space for discovery. The final touch will be creating a series of small sculptural forms to be placed on the pillars as discoverable and interactive items.

Interpretive elements for the Exhibition Design

Using the Jawoyn seasonal calendar custom wallpaper was designed to create an engaging interpretive display. Each of the five seasons reflect the Jawoyn People’s connection to country, community and living culture. Track lighting illuminates the displays with Jawoyn seasonal colours. The carpet was designed to reflect the difference between the dry and wet seasons and the transitions between them.

Designing an immersive experience for visitors, to showcase the Jawoyn Traditional Owner’s connection to country, has been an incredible journey lasting two years.

Bench based on Jawoyn artwork

Special thanks

We would like to acknowledge and thank our colleagues Fiona Rice and Alex Myles who worked with us during the early planning and concept designs. Their insights gave us a solid platform to develop the current designs over the ensuing year.

Fiona and Alex - Katherine Gorge
Fiona and Alex – Katherine Gorge
Brochure Design
Visual style guide, interpretive signage