Nature Signs, Washpool National Park

These nature signs for Washpool National Park describe the flora and walking trails available. They are all 600mm wide x 450mm high and feature a large photographic background with text and additional images overlayed.

Nature signs

Map and walking track signs

Beautiful photography always enhances any interpretive work. 4 of the eleven signs feature maps outlining the walks and facilities within the national park. The maps were created in Adobe Illustrator from ArcMap exports provided by the client.

Washpool National Park straddles the dramatic environs of the Great Dividing Range. The wilderness walks are in stunning World Heritage surrounds – a place of steep gorges, clear waters and magnificent tracts of ancient rainforest. Some of the most varied and least-disturbed forest in NSW can be found here, including the world’s largest stand of coachwood trees and extraordinary specimens of giant red cedar.

Date: March 2014
Service: Design and mapping
Specs: 11 interpretive nature signs – 600mm wide x 450mm
Client: Washpool National Park

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