Logo development for interpretive projects

Interpretive planning often requires logo development based on the over-riding interpretive theme for a site. Although not always adopted, here are a few favourites.

Callan Park logo
Callan Park logo

With a unique blend of natural and cultural heritage, Callan Park is described as a therapeutic landscape of rich social and cultural significance. Now managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage they hope to activate the landscape for recreational use while creating a sense of space that connects with visitors.

At Callan Park people are drawn from their urban lives to experience the open space and foreshores. They come to breath in the beauty, to stimulate the senses but moreover to be uplifted, alive and
unshackled from their daily routines.

Our interpretation focuses on reinforcing the human connection with:

  • the revitalising nature of the site for past, present and future generations
  • the value of open space within a densely populated urban landscape
  • the heritage significance of the site

When considering a theme for the interpretation of Callan Park we felt it was important to recognise that the natural setting was designed to be therapeutic and that the views to the water was an integral part
of this design. Logo development design considerations included:

  • Use of full name rather than an acronym or graphic so it is clearly identifiable
  • Old world font – in keeping with its origins
  • Tree – to reflect the therapeutic value of the landscape of Callan Park and Broughton Hall.

Shannon Creek Dam logo development

Shannon Creek Dam logo

Completed in 2008, Shannon Creek Dam is a 30,000 megalitre off-river storage reservoir that supplies water to the Clarence valley and Coffs Harbour areas. Our logo development included:

  • using the first character of each word in a highly stylised manner
  • modifying these characters to represent the shapes of the Dam – Water – Vegetation/Earth – Dam
  • using colours to represent the surrounding elements of – Water – Earth – Vegetation

We were engaged to develop all interpretive and information signage, entry statement, logo wayfinding, commemorative plaques, brochures, flyers, RTA signage, warning and regulatory signage and height gauge.

Wellington Caves

The Wellington Caves and Holiday Complex comprises 3 different elements that needed to be identified in the logo. These were:

  1. Caves – tours
  2. Caravan Park – accommodation
  3. Cafe – food

Logo development considered how to tell people what to feel and think as follows:

  • Adventure & Discovery – Fossils, science, eco-tourism
  • Family time – holidays, place memories are created
  • Relaxed scenic place to stay
  • Professionally run, quality accommodation and tourism attraction

Aboriginal Logo Design

Aboriginal Posters – graphic design
Heritage Interpretive Signage, Lithgow Blast Furnace