Professional logo design helps build your brand identity. Here are a few favourites developed for both businesses and interpretive projects.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station logo design

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station played a key role in the Overland Telegraph Line, connecting Australia to the global network. The logo design considers the following:

  • Composed of lines and circles – representing European and Aboriginal themes and the intersection of these two.
  • The vertical line represents the telegraph pole.
  • The angled line is in morse and spells ASTS. It also indicates the linking line between poles.
  • The concentric circles over the vertical line represent the waterhole (Alice Springs) that the station was built around.
  • Concentric circles have many meanings in Aboriginal culture and in addition to the waterhole they indicate a meeting place.
  • Alice Springs text is lighter than Telegraph Station. This helps differentiate this site from other telegraph stations but is of secondary importance and so a lighter font has been used.

Guulabaa logo

Guulabaa – Place of Koala is a new, world-first tourism experience for visitors, designed to include: Koala Hospital Port Macquarie koala wild breeding centre – the first of its kind in the world; Bunyah Local Aboriginal Lands Council cafe & gallery; WildNets, a cutting-edge treetop experience that’s inclusive & accessible to all; a multi-purpose learning space outdoor picnic area and forest walking tracks; art & sculpture including ‘The Big Koala’, part of the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail; and beautiful local hardwood timber.

In developing the Guulabaa logo we considered the existing suite of partner logos and how they would complement each other in co-branding.
The partner logos feature:

  • koala – Koala Conservation Australia
  • NSW shape/or triangle with leaves – Forestry
  • boomerang – Bunyah
  • sugar glider – Wildnets
  • koala – Hello Koalas

We also rejected the idea of using a koala for the following reasons:

  • koalas have already been used in two of the partner logos
  • Guulabaa is the place of koala and not a koala.

Eurobodalla coastal walk logo design

In March 2023, we were commissioned by Eurobodalla Shire Council to create a coastal headlands walking trail interpretation plan. Part of this project included logo design for the newly built trail. Meandering along the coast, 24.5 km between Batehaven and McKenzies Beach, the Trail has been named the Munjip Trail which references the Dhurga language. Munjip translates to “walk together.”

Walking Together

  • A circle encloses two people and the totems of the Walbunja Saltwater People.
  • The circle can be found everywhere in Yuin life. In a circle, all are equal, all are visible, all are at one with nature and each other. It also references the Yarning Circles that will be an important interpretive element on the Trail.
  • The animals provide context as totems for the Yuin People who have lived, fished and travelled through here for hundreds of generations.

Callan Park logo design

At Callan Park people are drawn from their urban lives to experience the open space and foreshores. They come to breathe in the beauty, to stimulate the senses but moreover to be uplifted and unshackled from their daily routines. When considering a theme for the interpretation of Callan Park we felt it was important to recognise that the natural setting was designed to be therapeutic and views to the water were an integral part of this design. Logo design considerations included:

  • Use of full name rather than an acronym or graphic so it is clearly identifiable
  • Old world font – in keeping with its origins
  • Tree – to reflect the therapeutic value of the landscape of Callan Park and Broughton Hall.

Shannon Creek Dam logo development

Completed in 2008, Shannon Creek Dam is a 30,000 megalitre off-river storage reservoir that supplies water to the Clarence valley and Coffs Harbour areas. Our logo development included:

  • Using the first character of each word in a highly stylised manner
  • Modifying these characters to represent the shapes of the Dam – Water – Vegetation/Earth – Dam
  • Using colours to represent the surrounding elements of – Water – Earth – Vegetation

And a few other random favourites!

Hooper and Hansen – leading mental health nursing specialists

Banda Banda Way – 4WD trail in the Macleay Valley hinterland

Mobile Buzz Stop – coffee van

Inner Potential – human resources training resource

Interpretation activation plan
Brochure Design