Jawoyn Welcome to Country

The Jawoyn Welcome to Country is inspired by Jawoyn artwork and the magnificent Katherine Gorge. A component of the Masterplan project was to develop a cultural identity (brand) for the park, to reflect Jawoyn culture in planned facilities, landscape and interpretation. Below is a sample of the Jawoyn artwork that informed our design. Along with the Jawoyn Welcome to Country, the larger project included, exhibition design (the Alice Mitchell Gallery in the Nitmiluk Visitor Centre), walking trail interpretation (Baruwei Cultural Experience) and wayfinding. Awarded in June 2019, and, completed in June 2021 the Katherine Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park project has seen many changes over time. Some ideas have been abandoned while others have developed in ways we hadn’t envisioned in the beginning. We are delighted with the outcome!

  • Client: Northern Territory Parks
  • Date: 2019-2021
  • Specs: The Welcome to Country component was 17 metres of connecting panels

Cultural identity

These designs were incorporated into the entry statement, signage, walls, fabrics, wayfinding, shelter screens, lookout panels and more.

Welcome to Country interpretation

Covering 17 metres of entry space the Welcome to Country is experienced at the approach to the Visitor Centre. It pays homage to elders past and present and includes an immersive soundscape that showcases Jawoyn Country and cultural identity. Populating the panels is a range of photography, Jawoyn artwork, and a ‘Welcome’ in Jawoyn and English. Ribbons of blue weave across the 17 metres connecting the panels as the water of the Katherine River.

Walking track interpretive signage – Nitmiluk
Indigenous Educational Toolkit