Heritage signs, Avondale University

  • Johnson Property Group for Avondale University
  • 2 x signs 900mm wide x 600mm high
  • Word count – 280 (Swing Bridge) and 320 (Sanitarium)

Heritage signs, Avondale University

Avondale University traces its beginnings to 1892 when its predecessor institution was established in Melbourne, Victoria, to educate young people for employment in the developing work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. We were engaged to create interpretive signage to tell some of these stories.

Sanitarium’s Road to Cooranbong

The first heritage sign, ‘Sanitarium’s Road to Cooranbong’ focuses on the early years of Sanitarium and significance Cooranbong played in its history. It touches on how the brand and products have been a part of Australian culture.

The Swing Bridge

The second heritage sign focuses on the old swing bridge across Dora Creek and tells of its history.

Trackside interpretive signs
Whale Watching Signs