Gumbaynggirr dreamtime signs

In 2011 we developed two Gumbaynggirr dreamtime signs for Nambucca Council. Our aim was to create visually outstanding signage that effectively showcased a traditional Gumbaynggirr Dreamtime stories.

The Women Who Made the Sea and The Koala Brothers and Tiger Cat

Set on the bluff at Scotts Head, visitors are immersed in dreamtime stories about the creation of the sea, sand, and surrounding landscape – all significant aspects of Gumbaynggirr culture. To elevate the design, we were fortunate to incorporate stunning line drawing artwork provided by Sharon Smith. This artwork not only influenced the color palette but also made the overall design more engaging and compelling.

  • Client: Nambucca Shire Council
  • Date: 2011
  • Specs: 1000mm wide x 500mm high
  • Service: Design of signage artwork from provided resources
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