Environmental Signage, Kempsey Council

Since April 2008, we have been collaborating with Kempsey Council to create impactful environmental interpretive signage. Our services include designing large, high density informational signs along with smaller environmental interpretive signs.

Mangroves and Saltmarsh

In September 2018, we successfully completed a project that centered around highlighting the importance of Mangroves and Saltmarsh. Using resources provided to us, we developed captivating content and designed two visually appealing environmental signs to educate and inspire visitors. Through our efforts, we aimed to enhance awareness and appreciation for these vital ecosystems.

Environmental information signage

Over a span of two years, our team crafted numerous large environmental information signs measuring 1500mm wide and 1000mm high. These signs were specifically designed to educate and inform residents and waterway users about river, lagoon, and estuary health. In addition, they provided valuable insights into waterway uses, regulatory information, as well as detailed information on the diverse flora, fauna, and geological aspects of the area. Through these informative signs, we aimed to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural wonders of the waterways.


Environmental Interpretive Signs, Parramatta Council
Aboriginal Sculpture Trail