Environmental panel, reef balls & rock fillets

This environmental panel is installed on the banks of the Bellinger River at Mylestom. The project reflects current best practice, based on scientific research, in river bank stabilisation. It also provides information on artificial reef construction and an anticipated outcome of increased fish stocks for local anglers.

Environmental panel

  • North Coast Local Land Services
  • June 2014
  • Interpretive design
  • 1 sign, 1000mm wide x 600mm high

Bellinger River reef ball and rock fillet

River bank stabilisation structures called rock fillets, designed by North Coast Local Land Services, have recently been built at a number of sites between Mylestom and Raleigh to protect sensitive river banks from erosion. They do this by reducing wave energy hitting the banks and providing a slack water environment which encourages sediment deposition, mangrove regeneration and nursery habitat for fish.

In addition, artificial reef balls supplied by NSW Primary Industries have been placed in key locations to further improve the estuary’s fish habitat and recreational fishing opportunities. Weed control and re-vegetation along the river banks was coordinated by Bellingen Shire Council and NSW Soil Conservation Services to complete the river health benefits of this project.

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