Commemorative signage is a great way to celebrate memories and achievements. It offers a permanent tribute to people, organisations, and events and, importantly, creates a sense of value and significance.

Tumut Public School

Celebrating Harry Hill – a visionary and leader – this signage was warmly received by our clients. The designs incorporate striking paintings of Karst Country, Yarrangobilly River by artist Phil Ryan.

Types of Commemorative Signage

  • Historical markers that recognize and commemorate significant people, events, or sites in history.
  • Memorial plaques that celebrate and honor the life of a person who has passed away.
  • Recognition awards that acknowledge and reward the outstanding achievements of individuals or organisations.
  • Donor walls that recognise and celebrate the contributions of donors to a cause or organisation.

Benefits of Commemorative Signage

  • Provides a permanent tribute to a person, event, or organisation, ensuring that their legacy lives on forever.
  • Celebrates the achievements of individuals or organisations, creating motivation, and inspiring future success.
  • Preserves history and cultural heritage.
  • Elevates the profile of an organisation, improving brand recognition, and attracting more supporters.

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