Audio Post, The story of Gumgali the Black Goanna

This solar audio post allows visitors to hear Uncle Mark Flanders’ Welcome to Country and to listen to the story of Gumgali as spoken in ‘language’ by Clark Webb with translation by Ronan Singleton. Three generations of Gumbaynggirr men telling stories. Activated by either of two external buttons, the solar powered Audio Post is a self-powered audio sound store, capable of holding two audio messages.

Solar Audio Post

The Solar Audio Post is powered by 4 solar panels, housed behind a stainless steel grille. The panels are angled in such as way as to provide optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the day. With the 2 button option, users are able to select which message they wish to hear whilst using a motion sensor means that the device will play automatically, alternating between the two messages with each use if required. Additional features include 4 volume options and the ability to obtain playback statistics, in audio format, to see how many times the unit has been used. Customers can also load new content when they desire.

How is it Fitted?

Smaller units can be fitted onto a wall or on top of existing way markers. Tall posts can be fixed to the floor, a ground plinth or mounted into concrete.

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