A walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells. (Robert Macfarlane)
illustration by kate

Plant illustrations

Beautiful plant illustrations by Kate to make your botanical labels, bush tucker signage and interpretive signage stunning and memorable.

Aboriginal Nature Trail Signage-Kempsey

Aboriginal nature trail signage

Aboriginal Nature Trail Signage brings to life deadly stories, artwork, culture & language from the Dunghutti & Thungutti cultures.

Monero-Ngarigo Welcome to Country sign

Welcome to Country signage

Welcome to Country signage and entry statements acknowledge traditional owners and invite visitors onto their land.

Indigenous Educational Toolkit

Design of an Indigenous Educational Toolkit using unique graphics and colour. The toolkit supports pregnant indigenous women to quit smoking.

Welcome to Country signage Nimiluk

Jawoyn Welcome to Country

Covering 17 metres of entry space this Jawoyn Welcome to Country also includes an audio component installed in the walkway ceiling.

Dreamtime Signs-Nabilil

Dreamtime signs, Nitmiluk NP

Our dreamtime signs draw inspiration from authentic Aboriginal artwork. They capture the essence of story & promote cultural appreciation.

Exhibition Gallery-crocodile pillar

Nitmiluk Exhibition Design

Scope - Research, consult & create, world-class interpretive exhibition design, supporting media & cultural experience for Nitmiluk NP.

Aboriginal sculpture trail

Aboriginal Sculpture Trail

Aboriginal sculpture trail on Bulahdelah Mountain. Sculpture workshops evolved to carrying out contemporary tree carving.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill Posters

Aboriginal Posters – graphic design

Our aboriginal posters are designed in consultation with community. We aim to evoke emotions that help connect & promote different cultures & understanding

Midden Interpretive Sign, Yaegl & Gumbaynggirr

This midden interpretive sign is in an area where aboriginal occupation of the land dates back 6,400 years. An estimated population of 6,300 people lived in the area which made it the most heavily populated region of northern NSW at the time.

Mogo Aboriginal Sign

Aboriginal Signs, Barlings Beach

Barlings Beach Aboriginal signs interpret the natural and cultural heritage of the area and its Aboriginal and European uses over time.