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Whale Watching Signs, Cape Solander

Two whale watching signs were developed for Cape Solander in Kamay Botany Bay National Park. Every year, Humpback whales undertake an epic migratory journey along our coasts. This ocean trek takes a whale from summer feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm, tropical Great Barrier Reef waters in winter where they will calve and mate. The waters off Kamay Botany Bay National Park are part of their oceanic highway and one of Sydney’s best whale watching spots. On average the round trip is 5000km.

Cape Solander Whale Watching Sign

Date: September 2014
Service: Design, content writing, image sourcing and illustration
Specs: 2 signs 2200mm wide x 780mm high
Client: NPWS – Kamay Botany Bay

The Ocean Wanderers

Cape Solander Whale Watching Sign

Design elements

A mixture of photographic images, line drawings and illustrations were used to tell the remarkable  journey of the humpbacks. The interpretive signage also included historical content and aboriginal content.

Whale watching signs

Over many years The Interpretive Design Company has developed several whale watching signs for various national parks across NSW.

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