Memorial Signage, NPWS Blue Mountains

Memorial¬†signage and a memorial plaque dedicated to staff who lost their lives while on duty were developed by us for NPWS as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2017.¬† Installed at George Phillips Lookout in the Blue Mountains it incorporates informational text and a dedication. Along side there is a cast stainless steel lyrebird sculpture. It is a perfect setting above the magnificent wilderness landscape of the Grose Valley to pay tribute to these special individuals. Date: July 2017 Service: Artwork design Specs: Memorial sign (980 x 550mm) and memorial plaque (300 x 200mm) Client: NPWS Blue Mountains Memorial Signage, NPWS Blue Mountains Memorial Plaque and Lyrebird Sculpture Both made of stainless steel the lyrebird sculpture is the iconic bird that creates the NPWS logo. Other memorial projects Memorial Sign, Cowra’s Railway Soldiers War Memorial sign, Sister Jenny Kerr Commemorative Sign, K13 Submarine