Interpretive Signs, Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

The provision of high quality information and interpretive signs was a major focus of this project. Seven large panels display a map of the complete walk and are installed at major trackheads along headlands and beaches. An additional 17 ‘minor directional’ signs provide further wayfinding assistance and interpretive information. Date: July 2012 – November 2012 Service: Interpretive design, wayfinding, mapping, logo development, consultation Specs: over 50 signs total – 14 interpretive panels for shelters at Look at Me Now Headland and Red Rock – profiled here – 7 x large panels with a map of the whole route installed at major trackheads – 17 minor directional signs with interpretive panels located in visitor nodes, key access points and in areas of more complex navigation – 113 route markers or ‘reassurance totems’ located at key decision points along the walk – 11 trackside signs that provide interpretation only – Z-Card pocket sized folding brochure and map – Memorial signs for shipwreck and lighthouse keeper Testimonial Dee Rogers from The Interpretive Design Company has been producing high quality interpretive products for me at the Coffs Coast Area of National Parks for over 10 years. The latest and largest project Dee has worked with me on has been the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk which  consisted of the design and production of over 200 signs. These were a combination of directional signs, major track head signs and beautiful interpretive signs. Dee also produced a Z-Card for the walk as well as web based products. All the work was done to the highest quality. Dee is an absolute delight to work with and so I recommend her to … Continue reading Interpretive Signs, Solitary Islands Coastal Walk