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Interpretive Signage Design, Yarriabini National Park

Interpretive signage design across the park has been evolving since 2006. Yarriabini National Park boasts lush rainforests, clear bubbling creeks, tranquil picnic spots and spectacular coastal views. Our latest project in 2017 was for the beautiful Bangalow palm-lined Pines Walk.

Date: September 2006 to November 2017
Service: Interpretive signage design, entry signage, graphic design from supplied aboriginal artwork, mapping
Specs: 12 interpretive and informational signs of various sizes, 3 park entrance signs
Client: NPWS Yarriabini National Park

Pines Walk interpretive signage design

This rainforest loop is a low key discovery trail. The entrance to the walk delves straight into a Bangalow Palm forest which has a spectacular canopy. Signage and content were designed to encourage visitors to look up into these striking palms. Although only short in length, the rainforest “nature walk” has interpretive richness that could accommodate for up to a dozen signage stops along the route. Given that only five signs were required we opted for a themed design based around a series of outstanding species who each have a story to tell.

The Pines Picnic Area information and tourist signage

Set beneath a backdrop of tall hoop pine forest, The Pines picnic area is a spectacular place to visit in Yarriabini National Park. There is striking Aboriginal sculpture artwork that highlights the spiritual importance of this area for local Aboriginal culture. Located along Way Way Creek Road drive, the picnic area is perfect for cooking up a storm on the free barbecues, spread a picnic blanket, lie back and listen to the sounds of the rainforest drift over you.

Two large interpretive panels (2171mm wide x 1111mm high) include themes on the indigenous and shared history of park, Aboriginal heritage and dreamtime stories.

Pines Picnic Area interpretive signage design

Pines Picnic Area signs

Yarriabini Lookout interpretive and wayfinding panels

Nearby Yarriabini lookout offers stunning regional views over Macleay Valley and Trial Bay. These interpretive panels (1120mm wide x 1192mm high) include themes on the flora and fauna of the area and a wayfinding / map panel.

Yarriabini Lookout interpretive signage design

Yarriabini Lookout map and information signs


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