Logo development for interpretive projects

Interpretive planning often requires logo development based on the over-riding interpretive theme for a site. Depending on politics and competing logos from funding bodies and clients they are not always adopted but here are a few favourites. Cowra Prisoner of War Camp and Peace Precinct Central theme for the logo was – The Cowra POW Camp was integral in shaping the identity of Cowra as a multicultural, peaceful, accepting town who is proud of its place in history. It was developed with the following purposes in mind: Promotion of the accepting nature of Cowra who is proud of its place in history. The Prisoner of War Camp area is an iconic historic location which is central to Cowra’s identity as a town and a community. The Peace Precinct is an important open space area There is opportunity to develop the Peace Precinct as a cultural hub of biodiversity and provide a passive recreation area. As a result of the events of the Cowra Breakout Cowra prides itself on being a centre of World Friendship Logo elements include: the word COWRA peace symbol a C enclosing / cradling the peace symbol   Callan Park Callan Park is a unique blend of natural and cultural heritage and has been described as a therapeutic landscape of rich social and cultural significance. OEH manages Callan Park and seeks to activate the landscape for recreational use while creating a sense of space that connects with visitors. At Callan Park people are drawn from their urban lives to experience the open … Continue reading Logo development for interpretive projects