Logo and Branding

‘Hooper and Hanson’ commissioned us for their health care logo and branding.¬†As mental health specialists it was important to emphasis the positive recovery outcomes that Hooper and Hanson achieve. We loved designing this logo for the mobile buzz stop. Their a green coffee van uses 100% compostable cups and lids, free trade organic coffee and is fully powered by gas and solar. We even came up with a tagline… Green as can bean! The Cowra Peace Precinct logo incorporates the a peace symbol enveloped in the letters C and O with the w r and a in the centre of the symbol. It was ultimately not used as there were too many competing logos. The once notorious insane asylum – Callan Park – is now a green space for residents. The gardens have always been a major focus – a walk in the garden was a planned exercise in occupational therapy.   Aboriginal Logo Design