Document Graphic Design

Document graphic design begins from early illuminated pages in hand-copied books of the Middle Ages and proceeds down to intricate modern magazine and catalog layouts. Proper page layout has long been a consideration in printed material. High-level page layout involves deciding on the overall arrangement of text and images, and on the size and shape of the medium. It requires intelligence, sentience, and creativity, and is informed by culture, psychology, and what the document authors and editors wish to communicate and emphasize. (Wiki) Our beautiful document graphic design portfolio includes: Long documents (booklets, catalogues, guides, manuals) Reports Booklets Brochures Posters and banners Fact sheets Long document graphic design – 50+ pages Short document graphic design – less than 50 pages Tourism Submission Documents for awards on: Coffs Coast Aboriginal Discovery – Indigenous Tourism Submission Dorrigo National Park – Ecotourism submission Dorrigo National Park – Tourist Attractions submission Trial Bay Gaol – Heritage & Cultural Tourism Submission Yuraygir Coastal Walk – Adventure Tourism Submission Tafe Booklets for students and facilitators Designed beautifully to bring them to life and proof read thoroughly to delight your end-users. Any size or style can be accommodated and we work with you to select the best printing outcome.