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Brochure Design

Brochure design and other marketing collateral is one of the key expressions of a brand. Every brochure, flyer, banner or merchandise produced says something about the organisation. Consistency in style and message is essential in ensuring a strong and memorable brand. Adhering to brand guidelines has been key in designing brochures and other marketing material for corporate and government organisations. We can design your brochure to any size.

Brochure Design

Z-Card Design

Z-Card Brochures are a great way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format. There are personalised options available and the card can be produced to a variety of shapes (i.e. soccer ball for a sporting brochure). The 8 panel Pocket Card size is the largest size and the  specifications are: Cover – 108mm x 78mm, Insert – 297mm x 560mm

Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Z-Card Brochures – 8 panel credit card size

Z-Card Brochures are a great way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format. It is a highly tactile product which is kept and referred to for longer than traditional leaflets. 95% of recipients said they would keep a Z-Card. The 8 panel Credit Card size specifications are: Cover – 85mm x 54mm, Insert – 234mm x 400mm

Rides & Drives in the Great Lakes

There are numerous fold options in addition to the Z-Card

z-card folding formats

z-card folding formats

Endangered Species Brochures

Two endangered species brochures were developed for The Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) to launch a public awareness campaign. They aim to locate two endangered species…the Australian Fritillary Butterfly and the Pink Underwing Moth. They form part of the Saving our Species program – a new conservation program of the DEH that aims to maximise the number of threatened species that can be secured in the wild in NSW for 100 years. The designs adhered to DEH style guides and some amazing photography made the design process a pleasure.

Date: June 2015
Service: Design and production
Specs: 2 brochures – Double sided A4 folded to DL
Client: The Department of Environment and Heritage, Ecosystems and Threatened Species

Australian fritillary butterfly endangered species brochure

The Australian fritillary butterfly (Argyreus hyperbius inconstans) was a common site along the east coast from Port Macquaire (NSW) to Gympie (Qld) but numbers declined dramatically through the 1980s and 1990s. With no confirmed sightings since 2001, sporadic observations sustain the hope that wild populations remain. The adult fritillary is very mobile and it appears that populations go through boom-and-bust cycles.

Southern Pink Underwing Moth endangered species brochure

The Southern Pink Underwing Moth (Phyllodes imperialis smithersi) is an endangered species found in southeast QLD and the north coast of NSW, as far south as Bellingen. As the moth is difficult to find, and therefore rarely observed, its abundance has proven very difficult to establish.

Threatened Species brochure

Your Rainforest Backyard – graphic design of a Threatened Species brochure  for NPWS in conjunction with Ballina Council. This brochure titles ‘What’s Over the Fence?’ provides information on how to identify and care for local threatened species.

Environmental Brochures

We have produced a range of environmental brochures, information leaflets and flyers. Clients include Catchment Management Authorities, Local Councils, Landcare, Wetland Care, Australian Government and State Governments.

Information Brochure – Trail Bike Riding on Public Lands

This information brochure was commissioned by NPWS in partnership with other state organisations and was part of a suite that included several poster designs.
No Licence, No Rego, No Ride

Music Brochures

We have been engaged by Coffs Harbour Music Society Inc since 2004 to design their subscription music brochures, concert programs, tickets, website and other marketing material as needed.
Since the early 1990’s the Coffs Harbour Music Society has presented a series of subscriber concerts featuring some of Australia’s and the world’s finest classical musicians drawn largely from the renowned Musica Viva program. Our involvement has been rewarding in every sense.

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