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Heritage Trail Interpretive Plan, Parkes Shire

We planned a trip to Parkes, NSW, and picked the coldest start to July in decades. Snow and blizzards through central west NSW, and a wind chill that had Dee retreating to the car in less than 10 mins. The challenge (besides the weather) was to create a Heritage Trail Interpretive Plan (concept plan) that could be rolled out across the Shire to provide consistent  designs and messages for visitors.

Parkes Shire has a rich cultural heritage that is not readily accessible to visitors to the region. The interpretive plan developed a structured approach to interpreting Parkes Shire heritage resources and stories.

Heritage Trail Interpretive Plan – summary

Date: July 2015 – February 2016
Service: Interpretive plan – we engaged with the various stakeholders, identified goals, objectives and interpretive themes, developed template designs for several styles of signage including fabrication designs and approximate costings.
Specs: Interpretive plan; graphic design, research and content writing for 3 signs as the basis for a template design
Client: Parkes Shire Council

Plan Overview

Parkes Shire Council identified the need for a number of interpretive signs to be erected to engage the local community and visitors in the heritage of the Parkes Shire. There are a number of identified heritage sites, buildings and landscapes that special interest groups and the community would like to see interpreted.

The Interpretive Design Company was engaged to develop a clear and unified approach in style and materials and to ensure consistency throughout the trail and a clearly recognisable identity for Parkes. Interpretive media developed will reflect the Parkes Shire new destination brand, ‘It all adds up’, and contribute to a positive first impression for visitors of Parkes and the surrounding towns.

The aim of the Heritage Trail Interpretive Plan was to guide council in how to create welcoming and engaging material, whilst evoking a sense of the rich history of the area. Identified sites will be developed into a heritage trail product which will be promoted to visitors and the community, creating another tourism experience for the region.

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