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Interpretive Panels, West Head

Two interpretive panels on WW2 fortification and battery at West Head were designed by us in 2014. Whilst West Head Lookout is known for beautiful sweeping views to the north, it was once used by the army to defend Sydney from foreign invasion via Broken Bay.

Interpretive panels

The interpretive panels were designed in conjunction with stakeholders from the West Head Awareness Team (WHAT) and NPWS. A key member of the WHAT team is war veteran Jack “Bluey” Mercer, who helped construct the Forts in 1942 and celebrated both his 18th and 90th birthday (in 2013) at the lookout.

Date: October 2014
Service: Design, photo editing and enhancement, mapping and illustration rendering
Specs: 2 signs, 1000mm wide x 600mm high
Client: NPWS Community Partnerships Office

West Head Fortifications interpretive panels

West Head Battery

The battery was built during WW2 and comprised two, 4.7 inch ex-naval guns, an observation post, ammunition storage and two searchlight posts. The site was very important to protect the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge and to prevent raiding parties entering Pittwater and Cowan Creek.

West Head interpretive panels

Interpretive Panels – design considerations

  • On older style grunge font, reminiscent of the era was used for the headings
  • A colour scheme of grey and turquoise was chosen to reflect the war theme, in a setting by ocean

West Head historic signage

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