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Commemorative Sign, K13 Submarine

A commemorative sign for WW1 submarine, the K13, was developed for Parramatta City Council. Colours chosen reflect the surrounding landscape .

Date: January 2016
Service: Graphic Design
Specs: 900mm wide x 600mm high
Client: Parramatta City Council

HMS K13 was a steam-propelled, First World War, K class submarine of the Royal Navy. She sank in a fatal accident during sea trials in early 1917 killing a number of the crew.

This commemorative sign tells the amazing story of the subsequent rescue.

WW1 K13 Submarine Interpretive Sign

WW1 K13 Submarine Interpretive Sign

WW1 K13 Submarine Interpretive Sign

This decade sees important anniversaries for both world wars and there has been a marked interest in commemorative signage for both wars. They are highly evocative and moving stories and we are honored to have been able to participate in these projects.

Kokoda Track interpretive signage was developed for the trackhead at Owers’ Corner. Over time additional signage and stories will be rolled out along the track. The focus of these stories is the shared history of Papuans, New Guineans and Australian’s during this war.

War History Signage, Kokoda Track

The Cowra POW Camp project was commissioned for the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Breakout during WW2 – 5 August 2014.

War History Signs, Cowra POW Camp

The Jenny Kerr Memorial Sign tells the tragic story of  a Woodstock local girl and her death at Banka Island during WW2.

War Memorial sign, Sister Jenny Kerr

Cowra’s Railway Soldiers signage commemorates soldiers from both wars who lost their lives serving their country

Memorial Sign, Cowra’s Railway Soldiers

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