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Environmental Interpretive Signs, Parramatta Council

Hunts Creek and Seville Reserves received a makeover with new environmental interpretive signs in June 2018. These two small reserves, in the North Rocks district of Sydney, were  acquired by the City of Parramatta Council during the Council amalgamation with the Hills Shire Council in 2017/8. The reserves contain important landscape features (Balaka Falls and sandstone caves), endangered ecological communities and threatened flora and fauna species. They also have rich cultural heritage value from the perspective of Aboriginal occupation (Darug clans) and subsequent European land use. The goal of the project was to convey the value of these reserves to residents and visitors.

By raising awareness it is hoped that users of the reserves will understand the fragile nature of small fragments of bushland in an urban landscape. These interpretive signs follow the basic rules of non-personal media: the text count is around 250 words; the language is aimed at the level of a 12 year old; the images are the main focus; and, they are visually attractive, drawing visitors to take the time to read.

The challenge for installation was to avoid disturbing the environment and, in particular, the habitat of the very slow moving and Endangered Dural Land Snail. This nocturnal snail spends the day sheltering under rocks, beneath tree bark, in grass tussocks and under leaf litter.

Date: June 2018
Service: site visit, signage plan, research material, develop themes, write content, design signage (considering the newly developed templates provided by council), signage manufacture and installation
Specs: 10 environmental interpretive signs – 800mm wide x 600mm high
Client: City of Parramatta Council


Categories:   Environmental, Nature & Tourism