Fact Sheet Design

Fact Sheet Design should be clear and easy to follow. They utilise one-sheet to present data in a format which emphasises key points concisely. When possible we use visual clues such as tables, bullet points and/or headings. Our government and corporate clients regularly need to impart information and a fact sheet is the perfect way to do it. Solitary Islands Marine Park Fact Sheet Design These marine fact sheets were developed on a template design and include mapping. They are double sided A4 sheets and were also produced as a downloaded pdf for the web. Australian Taxation Office fact sheet design A series of fact sheets was commissioned by the Australian Taxation Office to explain the obligations and regulations for Charities. Lord Howe Island fact sheet design We were required to develop an initial fact sheet  template based on their style guidelines and then produce a series of fact sheets about Lord Howe Island. These were developed for both print (as an A4 folded to DL)  and web. Advisory Notes and Guidelines Private Native Forestry – Advisory Notes, NSW Government A series of 13 advisory notes was developed for the Department of Conservation. Topics included: Hollow Bearing Trees, Glossy Black-cockatoo, Yellow-Bellied Glider, Nectar Feed Trees, Fleshy Fruits – Food trees for wildlife, Roost & Nest Trees – Raptor & Water Birds, Bat Roosts, Flying-fox Camps, Koala Habitat, Old Growth Forest Trees, Cultural Heritage, Biodiversity, Threatened Species, Recovery Plans, Spotted-tail Quoll. Identification Guidelines for Endangered Ecological Communities, NSW Government Graphic Design and layout of numerous identification guidelines for Endangered Ecological Communities – how sad there are so many! June 2012, The Office … Continue reading Fact Sheet Design