Aboriginal Posters – graphic design

We love designing posters as there are generally few rules governing the design other than logo placement. Finding the right design for Aboriginal Posters is challenging but rewarding. Not only does your design have to be a stunner, you also have to create it in a way that it evokes the right emotion. Our designs range in sizes from small A4 sheets to large pullup banners. Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill Aboriginal Posters A draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill was released for public exhibition in Oct 2017. A suite of consultation materials, including posters, were developed to support the public’s understanding of the draft Bill. The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) engaged The Interpretive Design Company to assist with the design of six posters to be displayed at public consultation sessions and workshops across NSW. Date: October 2017 Service: Design, create graphics from supplied aboriginal artwork Specs: 6 banners. 790mm wide x 2000mm high World Parks Congress Aboriginal Posters Three aboriginal posters promoting Cultural Practice were designed for use at the World Parks Congress in Sydney 2014. They promote supporting Aboriginal people’s access to, and sustainable use of, national parks and associated natural resources for cultural practice. Date: October 2014 Service: Design, create graphics from supplied aboriginal artwork Specs: 3 banners. 790mm wide x 2000mm high The core themes covered were: Respect – Connection to Country, including an Acknowledgement of country Recognition – Cultural Identity and Wellbeing Responsibility – Caring for Country + employment, cultural use and practice Rights in action – Working in Partnership … Continue reading Aboriginal Posters – graphic design