In May 2019 we attended an exciting international conference on interpretation in Rio de Janiero and were fortunate to meet Erin Gates. Erin is K12 Access Project Coordinator with California State Parks and her presentation on VIRTUAL TOURS opened our eyes to so many possibilities. Particularly useful in an educational setting, virtual tours offer live transformative experiences including:

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • talks from Guest Speakers
  • classroom to classroom connections, and
  • live collaboration projects.

For more information contact Peter at The Interpretive Design Company.

Here is Erin’s contributed article on Empowering Our Global Reach Through Building Global Classrooms!

Skype in the Classroom

Howdy from sunny California! Are you ready to take your interpretive program into the 21st Century and connect with a global audience? Microsoft’s’ Skype in the Classroom’ (SITC) is an incredibly powerful platform and online community of over 2 million educators from around the world.  By providing a Virtual Field Trip through SITC, you can expand the reach of your site’s story to a global audience.

Realise the power of this global collaboration by creating a Virtual Tour or Virtual Field Trip. Simply digitise an on-site interpretive program, utilising a smartphone or tablet, and pick the days that you are able to offer your program to this global audience.

Since California State Parks has partnered with SITC, we have seen an increase of 25,000 students to our online school group programs, and have connected with students from over 15 different countries.

Virtual Tours and Virtual Field Trips

Following is the social media twitter feedback from teachers about a Virtual Field Trip.

NAI 2014 Conference in Denver
NAI International Conference – Brazil 2019