Interpretive signage tips

How to create interpretive signage

Tips for creating meaningful content and designs…

Theme – Choose a theme that connects the visitor to the site emotionally and intellectually. The theme should be relevant to the site and its history and should be easy to understand.

Storytelling – “Tell well not all” a colleague often reminds us. Tell the important stories and relate the unexpected. A story should be engaging, informative, and emotionally resonant. It should create an emotional connection between visitors and the site.

Visuals – Use visuals such as photographs, illustrations, and graphics to enhance the visitor’s experience. The visuals should be of high quality and relevant to the theme and story.

Layout – The layout of the signage should be easy to read and navigate. Use clear headings and subheadings to guide the visitor through the story.

Language – Use simple language that is free of jargon.

Non-Personal Interpretive Media