Developing interpretive plans

Interpretive Planning - The 4-M ModelA workshop on “developing interpretive plans” was held at Melbourne Zoo on 18 June 2014. Yes, we were there and it was a fantastic day to hone our skills and meet other professionals working in the interpretation environment throughout Australia.

Lisa Brochu and Tim Merriman are devoted to natural and cultural heritage and are principals at Heartfelt Associates ( based in Colorado, USA. They offer decades of experience in stewardship, professional development, communication and planning for non-profit organisations. The workshop was based on Lisa’s book Interpretive Planning: the 5-M Model for Successful Planning Projects. Discussion included:

  • developing concise mission statements, goals and objectives
  • identifying audience characteristics and the market climate for programmes
  • clarifying messages using a thematic approach
  • assessing the overall visitor experience
Signage Viewing Sequence
What is a style guide and what is a visual language?