Gondwana style guide

Interpretation Plans

Interpretation plans provide guidance in the development of interpretation, information, and delivery devices across all media.

Detailed photographic background map

Wayfinding plans & maps

We design & create beautiful maps & wayfinding material to make navigation around your site easy & ensure a great visitor experience.

Ngurin bush tucker signage

Interpretive signage

Interpretive signage is our speciality. Discover the power of interpretive signage in enhancing visitor experiences.

Flat Camp Catfish Aboriginal Signage

Aboriginal & indigenous projects

Our extensive experience in Aboriginal design projects includes content writing, graphic design, interpretive signage and other media .

Four Seasons walking trail signs

Interpretive writing

Interpretive writing can be a challenge. Writing thematic stories that connect with personal experiences enriches the visitor experience.

Interpretive signage tips

Interpretive signage tips

Tips for creating meaningful content and designs. Interpretive signage that enriches the visitor experience.

non-personal interpretive media

Non-Personal Interpretive Media

Non-personal interpretive media includes signage, exhibits, audio tours, & digital media. It replaces personal interaction (as with a guide).

Skype in the Classrom

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer live transformative experiences including, Virtual Field Trips, talks from Guest Speakers, other classroom connections, & live projects.

NAI 2014 Conference in Denver

NAI 2014 Conference in Denver brought interpreters to the foot of the Rocky Mountains for five days of learning, inspiring, and networking.

Map requirements

A list of map requirements to create beautiful maps generated from ArcMap and Google Earth exports. Mud Maps, Satellite Photography Maps & Stylised maps.

Interpretation Australia Conference Melbourne Zoo 2014

Developing interpretive plans workshop

Developing interpretive plans starts with a concise mission statement, identifies the audience, uses a thematic approach and assesses visitor experience.

Signage Viewing Sequence

Interpretive signage viewing sequence: headings, images, illustrative materials inc maps and legends, captions, sub-heading, labels & finally body text

Semi-Permanent Conference Logo

Semi-Permanent Design Conference

This design conference is one of our favourites, providing a new head-space & inspiration for designing non-personal interpretive media.

Universal Interpretive Themes

Universal interpretive themes apply to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. A universal theme is one that is timeless, and that all people can relate to.

Signage Content Tips & Information

Signage content tips with examples showing word count, display size, image density, white space and more. The basics of what to aim for in your projects.