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Painting Copies by Dee

This group of painting are copies of artists work that I’d love to have on my walls  … David Bromley, Robert Dickerson, Gay and Carol Henderson.

David Bromley painting copy by Dee Rogers

One of my favourite Australian artists is David Bromley and this painting is a copy of his. I loved the colours so much (and couldn’t afford the original even if it was for sale) that I painted my own.

David Bromley painting copy by Dee Rogers

Another David Bromley copy. This was the first time I discovered him – it was in a newspaper article and once again this was a small 3cm image.

Robert Dickerson painting copy by Dee Rogers

Once again I found this little image in the newspaper and used it as a base for this painting. Unfortunately I can’t find the original to credit the source but I think it is a Robert Dickerson.

Gay & Carol Henderson painting copy by Dee Rogers

Copy of a painting by Gay & Carol Henderson. You may have guessed – I like red.

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