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Skype in the Classrom

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer live transformative experiences including, Virtual Field Trips, talks from Guest Speakers, other classroom connections, & live projects.

Map requirements

A list of map requirements to create beautiful maps generated from ArcMap and Google Earth exports. Mud Maps, Satellite Photography Maps & Stylised maps.

Interpretation Australia Conference Melbourne Zoo 2014

Developing interpretive plans

Developing interpretive plans starts with a concise mission statement, identifies the audience, uses a thematic approach and assesses visitor experience.

Signage Viewing Sequence

Interpretive signage viewing sequence: headings, images, illustrative materials inc maps and legends, captions, sub-heading, labels & finally body text

Semi-Permanent Conference Logo

Semi-Permanent Design Conference

This design conference is one of our favourites, providing a new head-space & inspiration for designing non-personal interpretive media.