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Peter O’Brien

Peter O’Brien has the application and attention to detail to ensure the smooth running of larger projects and the successful implementation of interpretive plans. He has a background in the western sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine having worked for 25 years in the Allied Health field. He first tested his creative writing skills in his early teens and was a prolific writer until his early 20’s when an interest in the sciences displaced creative writing.

Project Management, Planning, Content Writing

Peter’s role varies according to the requirements of each project but may include all of the following:

  • content research and writing
  • integrating the interpretive plan with other plans for the site or region (such as plans of management, historic preservation, resource conservation, marketing, and sustainability plans)
  • setting expectations for the team and for the project
  • creating and encouraging open lines of communication
  • identifying roles and assigning tasks
  • resolving conflicts
  • energising the team by serving as coach and catalyst for creativity
  • establishing working protocols for the team
  • evaluating and adjusting the processes within the project

Although the transition from the healing professions to the field of interpretation was at times challenging, Peter has applied his scientific knowledge and disciplined approach to learning the craft of interpretation. Peter has become known for his strategic planning and creative insight into interpretive projects. He takes on stakeholder engagement and project management  while continuing to research and write content. The culmination of his interpretation career, to date, was being asked to judge the 2018 and 2020 Interpetation Australia Awards for Excellence.