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Kate Alexandra

Kate Alexandra is The Interpretive Design Company’s newest designer and is keen to discover how design may be used to influence connection, understanding and subsequent action. Her new mantra is:

  • Provoke visitors to connect…
  • Relate the resource to the visitor…
  • Reveal the meaning within the resource…
  • Use design to guide visitors to that ‘ah-hah’ moment when the penny drops and all is revealed.

Kate was raised in a creative environment and always encouraged to pursue artistic endeavours. Fostering her talents in art, music, textiles and performance throughout school, Kate went on to study and achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Brisbane with a Studio Art major. This experience opened her up to the world of storytelling and conveying information through artistic means, which she believes is a key element of interpretive design.

Currently residing in Melbourne, Kate hopes to focus her design career on environmental sustainability and cultural reparation. She has a keen interest in graphic design and illustration and is focussed on applying these skills to a more sustainable future.