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Dee Rogers

Studio Manager / Creative Director

Dee Rogers is the driving force and creative talent that established The Interpretive Design Company as a premier design studio. Operating as a graphic design studio since 2002, in 2013 Peter O’Brien joined the team and THE INTERPRETIVE DESIGN COMPANY was launched in response to the ever increasing demand for interpretive projects.


In a life of curious twists and turns – Art, Music, Computers and Art again – Dee returned to the world of design for her daytime career in 2002. She has been gathering her extensive computer knowledge and skills since 1983 where she began as a word processing training instructor. Moving onto bigger and better things, in 1985 she was a partner in setting up a very successful computer company of which she was a director and shareholder. With a staff that eventually grew to over 60 people, Dee gained a wealth of experience that covered all areas of the business from finance, through to marketing, strategic direction, and ultimately web and graphic design.

Sea Change

Since her relocation to the  north coast of NSW in 2002 she has returned to the exciting and ever-changing world of design, now specialising in interpretive design. Her creative studio is the hub for talented and like-minded people to work together and provide design solutions for all areas of interpretive design and planning.

Some art moments!

Dee Rogers Artwork


Dee Rogers Music Albums

Dee Rogers Music Albums

Whilst engaged in the busy IT business Dee pursued her passion for music which dominated her life outside the office. She had discovered her improvisational gifts at the keyboard and though not in any sense a public figure, was at the continual beck and call of her friends to give ‘recitals’. In 1993 she formed the group ‘Eleven of Hearts’ and they released their debut album ‘Secret Dreams’ in January 1994.

Four albums and several hundred compositions later she now pursues another of her passions … art.

1997 Release of album – Simple Magic
1996 Release of album – One Love –
1996 Release of album – The Gift
1994 Release of album – Secret Dreams –
1993 Billboard Song Contest – Certificate of Achievement for ‘Knight of Love’
1984 Associate Diploma in Pianoforte with the Trinity College of London