Major park entry panel design for NPWS

Park entry signs aim to express a park’s personality. Major park entry panel design incorporates animals, plants and places found within the park.

Emu, Pandanus and Sweeping Beaches

Yuraygir’s famous sweeping beaches, the rare and endangered coastal emu, and the distinctive pandanus that grows along the shoreline and cliffs form the basis of this major park entry panel design.  This highly visible sign at the park entry enhances Yuraygir National Parks profile as a major park of NSW.

Yuraygir Major Park Entry Graphic Design

The graphic panel is 1350mm wide x 450mm high and is printed in 3 panels.

Yuraygir Major Park Entry Graphic

The Coastal Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae is listed as an endangered population and is isolated from its inland relatives. Listed as endangered under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, north coast emus survive only between Red Rock south of Grafton and Evans Head.

According to early settler documentation, the Coastal Emu was once abundant along the entire eastern seaboard of Australia, including parts of Tasmania and off shore islands.

Rocks, Eagles and Vistas

Bald Rock National Park boasts granite gardens scattered across picturesque walks. The climb over Bald Rock leads to awe-inspiring lookouts over boundless countryside.

Bald Rock major park entry graphic

A work in progress

So much to choose from at Trial Bay Goal in Arakoon National Park. Three options are on the go.

TBG Major Park Entry graphic draft

TBG Major Park Entry graphic draft

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