Information bay signs, Yuraygir NP

Client: NPWS Yuraygir National Park
Date: March 2016
Service: Design using NPWS style guides, create maps
Specs: 2 x information bay signs (7.2.2) and trackhead signs (7.3.4)

Information bay signs

NPWS information signs provide visitors with an overview of the park and may include:

  • detailed and overall maps
  • walking track inforamtion
  • tourist information
  • camping information
  • statutory information and
  • payment obligations.

Lake Arragan

Located in the vehicle lay-by area at one entrance to Yuraygir National Park, the Lake Arragan information bay sign adheres to the NPWS Park Signage Manual and incorporates some interpretive content. The consistent format is easy for visitors to navigate and reinforces the NPWS brand.

Lake Arragan NPWS Information Bay Signs

Illaroo Camping Area

Also located in Yuraygir National Park at another entrance is the Illaroo Camping Area information sign.

Illaroo information bay signs

Boorkoom Camping Area trackhead signs

Click to enlarge. These trackhead signs mirror each other to be oriented to the direction of the walker. This is a much easier mental calculation!

More NPWS information bay signs

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