Lithgow Blast Furnace Heritage Interpretive Signage

It was a privilege to research and write the content for this heritage site which was the place where the first commercially successful pig iron and steel were produced in Australia. We also developed heritage interpretive signage templates for on-going signage development.

Derelict Lithgow Blast Furnace

Rehabilitation of heritage site

Now derelict, Lithgow Shire Council are undertaking the challenging task of rehabilitating the site and improving safety.The aim of these restoration works is to encourage the community and visitors to once again visit this iconic site and to increase cultural heritage tourism by enhancing the linkages between Blast Furnace and a number of nearby heritage sites including Eskbank Station, Eskbank House and Museum, State Mine and Lake Pillans wetlands. Information, heritage interpretation and wayfinding are keys elements of the works.  We believe this site will become one of Australia’s foremost tourist destinations.

Heritage interpretive signage template designs

Lithgow Blast Furmace timeline heritage interpretive signage
Lithgow Blast Furmace rail-mounted heritage interpretive signage
Lithgow Blast Furmace Heritage interpretive signage

In addition to researching and writing content for 20 signs, we were also engaged to source images to accompany the heritage interpretive signage.  We will pursue Braille and audio options for visually impaired visitors. This component will take place when the site works are complete to ensure the visitor experience is complemented by wayfinding and interpretive media.

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