Identification Guidelines

Identification Guidelines for Endangered Ecological Communities

Graphic Design and layout of numerous identification guidelines for Endangered Ecological Communities – how sad there are so many!

Coastal Cypress Pine Forest in the NSW North Coast Bioregion, Coastal Saltmarsh, Ecological Communities, Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains (Freshwater Wetlands), Lowland Grassy Woodland in the South East Corner Bioregion, New England Peppermint (Eucalyptus nova-anglica) Woodland on Basalts and Sediments in the New England Tableland Bioregion, Grey Box – Grey Gum Wet Sclerophyll Forest in the NSW North Coast Bioregion, Robertson Basalt Tall Open Forest in the Sydney Basin Bioregion, Sandhill Pine Woodland in the Riverina, Murray–Darling Depression and NSW South Western Slopes Bioregions, Tableland Basalt Forest in the Sydney Basin and South Eastern Highlands Bioregions, Littoral Rainforest in the South East Corner, Sydney Basin and NSW North Coast bioregions, Lower Hunter Spotted Gum-Ironbark Forest in the Sydney Basin Bioregion, McKies Stringybark/ Blackbutt Open Forest … too many to list!

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