Dreamtime Story Logo

This Dreamtime Story logo was requested as part of the Nyambaga Walking trail project in the Nambucca Valley. I tried to connect it with what had already been designed and used the fish that were in the walking trail logo to do this. The colours are based on a palette provided to match all the other material. Here is the final selection.

Date: September 2012
Service: Logo Design
Specs: Design and development based on a dreamtime story and in keeping with existing colours. It also needed to connect to an existing walking trail logo.
Client: Nambucca Council

Nyambaga Walking trail

The trail runs between Shelly Beach and the river break wall. It has been built so that it is ‘interpretative’ for walkers – with signs highlighting the cultural heritage of the area, both Indigenous and European, as well as pointers to the the types of vegetation, bird-life and animals in the area.

Nyambaga Walking Trail Logo

Categories:   Aboriginal, Marketing